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I always work for result. To me won't be important what efforts will cost for achievement of goals. I know that I can and I do it.


BALTYBAEV TIMUR BAKHODIROVICH - The lawyer of the Altai Regional Public Organization "UCC"

To help the people who have got into unpleasant situations with the law ЂЂЂ is my calling. I completely penetrate into a key part of the problem of the client and I find an optimal solution with positive result.


KANUNNIKOVA NATALYA VIKTOROVNA - The lawyer of legal department of judicial protection of the juridical center "THEMIS"

Responsibility, attentiveness to details and the positive relation to affairs - here my strengths and doing my work perfectly.

You can be always sure of me and my professionalism.


ZINNATOV ILDAR NAILEVICH - The lawyer of legal department of judicial protection of the juridical center "THEMIS"


Preparation by the expert for passing an examination on Russian language and getting certificates, history and principles of the legislation of Russia.


  • Foreign worker
  • Permission to temporary residence
  • Residence permit
  • Nationality

Submission of the administrative statement of claim (Appeal of actions, inactions of executive authorities:

  • The appeal of refusal in issue of the Patent
  • The appeal of refusal in delivery of PTR
  • The appeal of refusal in issue of the residence permit
  • The appeal of the decision on not permission of entrance on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • The appeal of refusal in delivery of nationality
  • The appeal of refusal in recognition as a native speaker of Russian language
  • The appeal of refusal in reception and recognition as a compatriot according to the state program


The appeal of the above-stated acts and decisions is made in a judicial proceeding with participation of the highly skilled lawyer, the having skill focused on your legal situation


The appeal of judgments in an appeal procedure:

  • The appeal of resolutions of court concerning exclusion from the territory of the Russian Federation (exclusion cancellation)
  • Appeal of the decision of the Office of the Federal Migration Service (MS HQ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) on deportation

Assistance in assembled of the necessary documents

  • On obtaining the patent
  • On obtaining permission to temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation (PTR)
  • On receiving the residence permit(RP)
  • On obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation (the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation)

Conducting arbitration affairs:

  • Return from the budget of obligatory payments
  • Non-execution or inadequate performance of obligations under contracts
  • Collecting debt on contracts
  • Contest of administrative prosecution
  • Recognition invalid substandard acts of bodies of RPF, the Social Insurance Fund, FSSP, Rospotrebnadzor, the instruction of prosecutors, and other refusals
  • Recognition invalid substandard acts
  • The appeal of refusal in the state registration of the real estate, other transactions, legal entities and individual

Help in receiving the credit:

  • The sum of the credit is from 200.000 rub up to 40.000.000 rub.
  • An interest rate from 11% to 29%
  • Term of the credits and loans from 3 to 60 months
  • Minimum first contribution
  • Consideration of difficult situations
  • Minimum of guarantors
  • Minimum terms of consideration of the application
  • A possibility of early repayment without the commission
  • Minimum of documents
  • Programs for informally employed
  • The professional analysis of you, as a borrower before banks
  • Calculation of solvency
  • Selection of banks
  • Verification of documentation of your employer
  • Identification of causes of failure in the credit, according to the previous applications
  • Check of your credit history (on all banks of the Russian Federation)


ATTENTION! Payment of our services (loan broker) is made only after receiving money by you on hands, or on personal account.


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